Automatic Writing with Gene

Connecting with your Spirit Guides as never been easier, and Gene is now offering his Automatic Writing Class to those that are ready to connect.  This monthly class is on the Third-Thursday of every month, 7pm, at Gene’s home in Crestline, CA.

Each class starts with prior students sharing their writing since the last class, then Gene’s introduction to Automatic Writing for first-timers.  Everyone receives a handout with instructions that can be taken home after the class, then Gene invites everyone to give it a try.

The writings in class are completed individually, and others are group writings with a common theme.  There are a couple round-table discussions during the class, and students are welcome to share their writing with each-other, if they wish to.

No experience is needed, there’s no pressure to get it right the first time, it’s a safe environment, and first-timers are encouraged.  Everyone is welcome, and hot tea is served.  Gene currently has about a 95% success rate of successfully teaching students to do Automatic Writing on their first night.

This is a real fun way to connect with your Guardian Angle, Higher Self, God, The Universe, and your Spirit Guides.

When:  Third-Thursday of every month

Where:  Gene and Amiee’s home, Crestline, CA 92325

Time:  7pm to 8pm

Cost:  Free ($7 love donation appreciated)

Ability Level:  First-timers to Experts

RSVP:  Yes please, to allow for handouts and setup

What should I bring?  A journal or sketchbook, your favorite pen or pencil, a few friends, and a BIG SMILE 😀


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